Dahab Baby

We've been away for the weekend, staying in a resort town in Dahab Egypt.  It is along the Red Sea about 5 hours from where we live.  The town is built along the mountains with beautiful ocean front resort along the coast. All the restaurants run along the water and serve everything from Pizza, Falafel's to Sushi and Egyptian fare.  We had a fantastic time relaxing, reading and a bit of shopping.
We had breakfast here every morning
In the evening we shopped at an open market for a few goods.  I bought a one-piece Harem pant suit, which Ryan really disapproved of but I am thinking with a great blazer, belt and some fierce heels I will be at the height of fashion here in Egypt -- don't worry Beanilla lovers this is one style I won't be bringing back for the website.  I also found this incredible Tea called "Bedouin Tea" which is only found in these parts, it is a traditional tea drank by the local Bedouin people.  I would love to try and bring some home with me to Canada, so it looks like we might need to have another trip to Dahab.
Shopping in Dahab market.


Beanilla does Hana Khalili

I have to start off by apologizing for not being able to blog since I have arrived.  The internet doesn't always work in Egypt and my computer turned Arabic as soon as I hit ground.  I had to find an Egyptian friend to convert the language back to English so I could access everything.

I have been here now a week and I am finally adjusting to the change in life.  On the weekend we decided to hit the market 'Hana Khalili' although it was not the market from 'Sex in the City' I did feel somewhat like Carrie Bradshaw like roaming and getting lost through the winding streets.  Every colour more vibrant than the next.  Strange wonderful aromas around every corner.  Men shouting "I have something for you pretty lady".  I felt like we were in the labyrinth of strange exciting wonder.  We were told by my Egyptian friend "if you see something you like buy it, as we will never find this stall again". Sensory overload kicked in and I was falling in love with all the shopping.

The entrance to my Labyrinth 
I took a few snap shots of some of the magnificent scarfs and bead shops we found there.  I managed to get a few pieces made especially for Beanilla and I can't wait to make some more.
Near the end of the day we stopped for a coffee at the oldest coffee shop in the world.  Because I don't drink coffee I opted for a fresh squeezed lemonade.  It was wonderful!
Having a rest at the oldest coffee shop in the world!  We didn't even have to leave as the men around us brought us many goods to look at and to purchase.

Delicious fresh squeezed lemonade
My first shopping experience at the Market was exciting and I can't wait to go again.  This weekend we're off to Dahab to relax on the coast, snorkel and shop some more.  Looking forward to bringing tons of treasure back with me.  



Walk like an Egyptian

Beanilla is excited to announce that we are going on a buying trip! Today I leave for Egypt where I will be living for the next 4 months with my husband. I will be exploring the markets, clothing factories and designing some handmade jewelry for the site. My husband and I are also planning to travel to Turkey and Morocco in April, followed by Italy and Paris in the later spring. What about the website you ask??? We are still up and running with the help from some great Bea lovers and supporters back home. Stock will be updated regularly from our fave places (California and New York) but we will also be adding some worldly treasures. I plan on fashion blogging while I am away and I want all of your opinions on different finds, colors and sneak peaks of what I’ll be bringing back.

To start things off I had a huge dilemma like many fashionistas I was stuck on what/how much to pack. I was looking for fashionable items that would easily mix and match but also kept with the covering customs of living in a foreign country. These are some of my faves…
Since the flight is 17 hours I plan on wearing my fav sweats, a great scarf and a graphic-t.  I can't wait to fill you all in our my adventures.  See you soon!


Spring into Dresses!

Our Spring trunk show was a huge hit, thanks to all who attended.  This season we ran it from Friday to Monday.  With special low prices for our local shoppers.  The overall consensus was that we should make this a quarterly event.  We are already planning for our summer party after our buying trip.  I can't wait to see you ladies in sportin you Beanilla outfit.

Thanks for making this dream come true!



Spring Launch

Beanilla is having another Trunk show and Sale to celebrate our buying trip and make room for spring and summer stock.  We had such a great turnout for our Holiday Show I can't wait for this one. Hope to see you all there.

Directions on how to get there!



January Contest

I hope Santa was good to all of you over Christmas. This month we are having a contest, post a picture of you wearing Beanilla on our facebook wall and get a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate.

* Contest runs until Jan 31st
* Winner will be decided on February 01, 2012
* Post as many different dresses as you like

Good Luck!


Tonight we're going to party like it's 1999...2012

What will you be wearing for the big soiree?  I still can't decide myself.  Here are some of our fav's for the night...